FÍS Film Project
Introducing film into the primary classroom

A Teacher’s Diary

To get an idea of how FÍS is integrated into classroom practice, Anne Moriarty, a teacher from St Aiden’s NS, Monasteraden, Co. Sligo, recorded how she, her colleague Ms Jordan, and two multi-level classes created a film in 2013. Her diary is listed below and it gives a fascinating insight into how this methodology creates opportunities for an engaged, collaborative, cross-curricular and exciting classroom.

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Session 5
22 Feb
// // // //

Today we really got down to business by creating storyboards for each action scene to take place. (more…)

Session 4
5 Feb
// // // //

All sessions from here on are collaborative. We shared the stories that the pupils submitted (more…)

Session 3
30 Jan
// // // //

The second collaborative session, our focus today was to create a story. (more…)

Session 2
21 Jan
// // // //

During music class in our respective 1 classrooms, cheap jerseys we Year! introduced the selected pieces to familiarise the pupils and with the music, in order to get creative Female ideas flowing.


Session 1
15 Jan
// // // //

And they’re off….36 pupils, 2 teachers and 4 mixed classes.