FÍS Film Project
Introducing film into the primary classroom

A Teacher’s Diary

To get an idea of how FÍS is integrated into classroom practice, Anne Moriarty, a teacher from St Aiden’s NS, Monasteraden, Co. Sligo, recorded how she, her colleague Ms Jordan, and two multi-level classes created a film in 2013. Her diary is listed below and it gives a fascinating insight into how this methodology creates opportunities for an engaged, collaborative, cross-curricular and exciting classroom.

Scroll down to Session 1 when it all started!

Session 15
12 Jun
// // // //

We chosen the day that we’re unveiling our Digital Schools Award to premiere our animation! (more…)

Session 14
24 May
// // // //

It’s time to gather up the storyboards to scan and file.


Session 13
17 May
// // // //

Almost there now, though the final stages can be time consuming getting everything pulled together. (more…)

Session 12
14 May
// // // //

Now for the tricky bit, fitting the action to the recorded music. Luckily we’ve timed it well to the duration (more…)

Session 11
30 Apr
// // // //

OK, it’s not essential to record a live orchestra for your soundtrack…but we did! (more…)

Session 10
16 Apr
// // // //

The squirrel’s ‘sad’ head is missing! The bicycle has been saved to a different folder and can’t be opened. There’ll be days like this … (more…)

Session 9
11 Apr
// // // //

Filming begins! Finally we get to the camera. We used the animation software “i-can-animate” as it is very straightforward and user friendly. (more…)

Session 8
19 Mar
// // // //

The pupils have realised the problem with the varying sizes and expressions on faces and some tense discussions take place with regard to whose is best fit for purpose. (more…)

Session 7
12 Mar
// // // //

The problem of a suitable background is solved! We located an old desktop in the storage room (more…)

Session 6
4 Mar
// // // //

This is one of the pupils’ favourite parts — creating the movable parts and backgrounds…