FÍS Film Project
Introducing film into the primary classroom

Behind the Scenes

In 2010, we decided to make a documentary about the festival event itself. It’s such an exciting day and there are lots of different people involved — students from IADT who produce the show, the show’s host and all of the pupils and their teachers. We wanted to capture all that energy and effort for all to see.

The end result is a 5-part documentary that goes behind the scenes of the 2010 festival, taking us on a journey from the very beginning of the stage set-up all the way through to the excitement of the President of Ireland’s arrival.

Join Chris and the team as they go to where no camera has ever been before …

Part 1 | Pre-Show | Day 1
It was the set-up evening before the FÍS Film Festival and all was … very busy.
Part 2 | Set-up | Day 2
Day 2 and it’s show day. With the crew still setting up, Chris and Karl take a tour of the stage before the rehearsal kicks into gear.

Part 3 | Show Time | Day 2

As we get closer to show time, Karl searches for Sinéad Kennedy, the show’s host, in an attempt to discover if his film won an award, whilst Chris gets caught up in the pre-show panic.

Part 4 | Karl’s Award | Day 2

With only 10 minutes to go Karl is sure his school is going to receive an award. Time to get into position to see the big moment …

Part 5 | The President | Day 2

With the final award looming, there is still no sign of the President but she is definitely coming we are assured! The FÍS Team are faced with the realities of a live show.